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Welcome to Hebrew Chronicles Publishing, we provide limited services to future writers such as file conversion, font conversion (manuscript), and book publishing, all for an affordable fee.

We use email for the majority of our work, whether it be communication, or transferring of files. Therefore, whatever information is needed must be provided.

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Publishing a book has to be the most unforgettable feeling one can have, therefore let us be the brand you choose to represent your work.  

Down below are included in your publishing package:

File conversion 
Font conversion 
2 free finished copies (completed)

   May take up to 24 Business days

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Creativity comes from the Father, lets not dishonor him by wasting it .

How to publish with HCP?

The process is simple, first things first, send us an inquiry with a brief synopsis of your story. *Note*, we publish Biblically inspired books only, all genres within the Law are welcomed. After a member of our team has read it, he/she will send you an [Israelite verification] email along with an Unilateral Nondisclosure Agreement, if, we decide to proceed. When we have received your Unilateral Nondisclosure Agreement completed, we will undergo our overview, we will email you further instructions once everything is finished. We appreciate your business and hope to help make this journey a historical and exciting experience.

"Worried that someone my steal your ideas?"

"We protect our customers by offering a Unilateral Nondisclosure Agreement, this assures your manuscript is safe under the law".


Unilateral Nondisclosure Agreement

This unilateral nondisclosure agreement is between JOHN DOE, an individual (the "Disclosing Party") and HEBREW CHRONICLES PUBLISHING, a(n) Florida Limited Liability Company (the "Receiving Party").

The Disclosing Party has developed certain confidential information that it wants to make available to the Receiving Party for the purpose of Manuscript.

The Receiving Party wants to review, examine, inspect, or obtain the confidential information only for the above-described purposes, and to otherwise maintain the confidentiality of that information pursuant to this agreement.

The parties therefore agree as follows:


The Disclosing Party may (but is not required to) disclose certain of its confidential and proprietary information to the Receiving Party. "Confidential Information" means:

(a)information relating to the Disclosing Party or its current or proposed business, including financial statements, budgets and projections, customer identifying information, potential and intended customers, employers, products, computer programs, specifications, manuals, software, analyses, strategies, marketing plans, business plans, and other confidential information, whether provided orally, in writing, or by any other media, that was or will be:

(i)provided or shown to the Receiving Party or its directors, officers, employees, agents, and representatives (each a "Receiving Party Representative") by or on behalf of the Disclosing Party or any of its directors, officers, employees, agents, and representatives (each a "Disclosing Party Representative"); or

(ii)obtained by the Receiving Party or a Receiving Party Representative from review of documents or property of, or communications with, the Disclosing Party or a Disclosing Party Representative; and

(b)all notes, analyses, compilations, studies, summaries, and other material, whether provided orally, in writing, or by any other media, that contain or are based on all or part of the information described in subsection (a) (the "Derivative Materials").

The Disclosing Party shall identify Confidential Information disclosed orally as confidential within 60 days of disclosure. The Disclosing Party's failure to identify information as Confidential Information is not an acknowledgment or admission by the Disclosing Party that that information is not confidential, and is not a waiver by the Disclosing Party of any of its rights with respect to that information.


(a)Confidentiality. The Receiving Party shall, and shall ensure that each Receiving Party Representative, keep the Confidential Information confidential. Except as otherwise required by law, the Receiving Party and Receiving Party Representatives may not:

(i)disclose any Confidential Information to any person or entity other than:

A.a Receiving Party Representative who needs to know the Confidential Information for the purposes of its business with the Disclosing Party;

B.with the Disclosing Party's prior written authorization; or

(ii)use the Confidential Information for any purposes other than those contemplated by this agreement.

(b)No Reverse Engineering. The Receiving Party may not reverse engineer, disassemble, or decompile any prototypes, software, or other tangible objects that embody the Confidential Information and that are provided to the Receiving Party under this agreement.

Term. The Receiving Party shall, and shall require each Receiving Party Representative to, maintain the confidentiality and security of the Confidential Information until the earlier of: (i) such time as all Confidential Information disclosed under this agreement becomes publicly known and is made generally available through no action or inaction of the Receiving Party or (ii) the third anniversary of the disclosure.

What is our mission?

To Inspire and to broaden your imagination

What does righteous literature teach you?

Proverbs 29:18