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       Shalom and Welcome

Welcome to Hebrew Chronicles Publishing, we provide limited services to future writers such as file conversion, font conversion (manuscript), and book publishing, all for an affordable fee.

We use email for the majority of our work, whether it be communication, or transferring of files. Therefore, whatever information is needed must be provided.

Exodus 20:8

"Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy."

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Publishing a book has to be the most unforgettable feeling one can have, therefore let us be the brand you choose to represent your work.  

Down below are included in your publishing package:

File conversion 
Font conversion 
2 free finished copies (completed)
1 free editor copy (for edit)

   May take up to 24 Business days

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Creativity comes from the Father, lets not dishonor him by wasting it .

How to publish with HCP?

The process is simple, first things first, send us an inquiry regarding what service you want which is located in the contact section. Within the inquiry, write us a brief synopsis of your story. *Note*, we publish Biblically inspired books only, all genres within the Law are welcomed. After a member of our team has read it, he/she will contact you on whether we will proceed by phone or email. When we have completed our overview, we will email you further instructions which may include all, or some of the following; age group, genre, etc. pertaining to your publication. We appreciate your business and hope to help make this journey a historical and exciting experience.

What is our mission?

To Inspire and to broaden your imagination

What does righteous literature teach you?

Proverbs 29:18